Gerrof yer daftie yer gonna trip me up!

I used to get through a lot of slippers and thought to save money by going around the house in just ordinary thin socks plus those holey plastic sandals known as Crocs.

I have had really cold feet all Winter and so finally, as Spring approaches, decide to invest in a pair of Snuggly Slipper Boots. ‘Snuggly’ probably sold them to me as my feet were so very cold.

But the strongest and ugliest of the toms has fallen in love with one of my Snuggly Slipper Boots and follows me around the house trying to cling to my left ankle and mate with her. I regularly entreat him to desist in such terms as ‘Gerrof yer daftie yer gonna trip me up!’ but he’s besotted.

I do like to read but now have no soft-furnishings to speak of – a long, cat-related tale, that one – and so can only read upstairs on a narrow camp-bed or downstairs in the living-room on an even narrower one with cushions propped against the wall like some old hippie in a squat. But this is super-chilly even with one’s Snuggly Slipper Boots on. The sun never gets round to the living-room.

I tried out a plastic chair in the one patch of sun in the kitchen but the plastic chair didn’t stay comfortable for long and the cats objected to my presence in it. What I really need is a deckchair…

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